About Tony Ridley

Crisis Management and Leadership Training.Tony Ridley.06Tony Ridley is a seasoned crisis management/leadership professional and educator. With over a decade in the field of commercial emergency and crisis management planning and implementation, he has significant experience in countries and business environments all around the world.

Tony has written and reviewed hundreds of emergency and crisis management plans along with practical experience with events such as natural disasters, terrorism, demonstrations, strikes, spills, accidents, kidnapping, outbreak of war and other physical threats.

As a senior business executive, Tony understands the challenges of conducting business in a variety of environments with varying degrees of support and risk. His unique international and remote site experience ensures that the little things that make or break successful outcomes to any emergency or crisis situation are not overlooked.

In a career that spans over twenty years, he spent a significant amount of time in the military as a special operations commander prior to entering the business sector.

In addition, Tony has written articles, appeared in the media, published books and speaks at industry events on matters relating to business resilience such as crisis management and leadership.

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