Why Tony Ridley?

An Expert in Crisis Management and Leadership

Modern, effective crisis management plans should be accessible in and referenced within seconds. Content should be logical, easy to find and include dynamic information or guides such as videos and audio. Ensure you have the best resources for your business.More....
Routine and priority business management is highly dependant on understanding the risks and rewards. Few businesses or managers understand all the options and process available, which leads to preventable crisis and emergency situations. Learn better risk management. More
Crisis planning, management and resolution need both management and leadership. Leadership is not born overnight, nor does it arrive upon promotion or appointment to a specific role. It must be learned, practiced and requires mentoring to achieve the best possible results. More
You MUST be able to get your message across, to all your stakeholders, internal and external. Can you get your message out to thousands, in a matter of minutes? Can you do it via multiple mediums? Do you have systems for your business and leaders to ENGAGE during a crisis? More
Over 2 decades of experience, all around the globe, managing and leading crisis response efforts for an array of clients such as governments, communities and businesses. Hands on, in the field experience, coupled with detailed planning and direction for business leaders to ensure non-stop service and business survival. More
Some people just turn up, others get things done. Whether it be the mentoring and knowledge transfer to executives on how to get results during a crisis or leading the incident directly, there will be positive results for both the business and outcome of the situation. More

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Crisis Management and Leadership Training.Tony Ridley.03 copyCrisis Management and Leadership Training.Tony Ridley.03 copy

Multi Industry
Tony has created plans and solutions for variety of industries. His operational and practical experience is not limited to one, narrow discipline and as reinforced with significant public and confidential advisory and educational experience.